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COVID-19 research

From the beginning of the pandemic, HungaroTrial has been very active in COVID-19 clinical research. Our colleagues are dedicated to add our clinical development knowledge, medical expertise and research infrastructure to the global efforts to find safe and effective COVID-19 medications.

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Need a partner for your next COVID-19 clinical trial?

Benefits of the Central and Eastern European include:

  • Fast Track Applications For COVID-19 Studies
  • High Patient Enrollment Rate
  • Reliable study data meeting the highest quality standards
  • Centralized Healthcare
  • Experienced And Motivated Investigators

HungaroTrial is proud to offer the following services for active research into potential COVID -19 therapies:

  • HungaroTrial provides Regulatory Fast Track submission for COVID-19 clinical trials in Hungary and Romania
  • Due to the Fast Track application provision, sites can be initiated and ready to enroll patients within one month of the contract signature
  • Our experienced clinical team is able to conduct remote and on-site visits using a variety of EDC systems due to our extensive partnership experience
  • We can provide a certified Infectologist MD to assist with your studies, including Medical Monitoring

We are proud

to show that we have already started assisting in the fight with COVID-19, having submitted a Phase III application under the COVID-19 fast track application which received approval in 4 days.

Our Clinical Team is excited to be part of active research of possible COVID-19 therapies.

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Explore how we lead our Sponsors to Success in COVID-19 clinical research

Phase II. COVID – 19 Infectology trial

HungaroTrial managed the clinical trial approval within less than 3 weeks for a COVID-19 phase II clinical trial in Romania. We enrolled a total of 65 subjects at 4 active sites.

The phase II study was successfully completed in Romania, and based on the positive results we’ve started to manage the phase IIb/III trial in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia and Slovakia. Enrolment is already ongoing, with over 25% of the global enrolment target already completed, ahead of schedule.

COVID-19 medication study for a Korean Sponsor

HungaroTrial successfully managed a phase II./III. clinical trial for a Korean Sponsor researching a new COVID-19 medication. The trial was based in Serbia and Macedonia. HungaroTrial managed to enrol 103 patients in just 11 days, ensuring a timely completion of the study. HungaroTrial managed to

  • secure fast track approvals in both countries
  • ensure a quick start-up, including fast contract signature
  • select excellent sites with proven enrolment potential
  • conduct fast data base cleaning for interim analyses (85% of the study data were generated in 28 days and cleaned in less than 1 month).

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