Quality policy

HungaroTrial strives to be Central and Eastern Europe’s premier and trusted regional Contract Research Organization (CRO) by providing high quality, efficient and reliable services to pharmaceutical and medical device clients conducting clinical trials, from Phase 1 to post-authorization activities.


We believe that quality trials depend on strict compliance with rules that ensure the rights, safety, and well-being of clinical trial subjects, as well as the reliability and credibility of data. Accordingly, we stay abreast of the most important current and emerging developments in biomedical research ethics. This includes the science underpinning clinical research, regulatory requirements, regulatory guidelines, and industry trends.

Our senior staff is comprised of highly educated, trained, and experienced experts. This includes 12 MDs many of whom are in active clinical practice and board-certified in diverse therapeutic areas, as well pharmacists and PhDs.

Our deep knowledge,experienced personnel, and proven standard operating procedures assurecompliance and proficiency over the course of your engagement. From end to end,compliance issues arerobustly evaluated, assessed for possible causes, and remediated as quickly as possible.


Our clients expect us to contribute to ethical, credible, and effective clinical research that benefits patients and improves quality of life worldwide.

To deliver on this promise, we provide:

  • a clear understanding of each trial’s specific requirements
  • our availability
  • responsiveness and efficiency
  • accountability for execution of contract obligations
  • demonstration of compliance
  • our approach to performance and problem-solving

Patients depend on you. That’s why we’re proud to support your mission through world-class operational excellence and collaborative, white glove service.


We know that value is derived from knowledge. That’s why HungaroTrial invests in highly qualified, talented professionals, learning and training initiatives, information repositories, and the collaborative evaluation of experience.

HungaroTrial creates value from knowledge by:

  • Empowering professionals, facilitating continued learning and skill development
  • Improving operations and processes
  • Applying the most effectivetechnology and IT systems

Team work and communication

Organizational structure, defined responsibilities, process ownership, and clear reporting lines are elementary for cultivating an efficient, reliable relationship.

Weunderstandthat teamworkand communication representthe best framework for success. Accordingly, HungaroTrialis fully committedto openness, transparency, appreciation, recognition, and involvement of all interested parties.


For HungaroTrial, continuous improvement is a conscious and systematic effort throughout the clinical trial process. An effective quality management system should deliver tangible risk management, take advantage of emergent opportunities, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and procedures, and minimize unexpected challenges. By aligning to these priorities, we exceed client expectations, fuel organizational development, and ensure our services deliver the most value possible.