Company Profile

HungaroTrial is the market-leading clinical research organization (CRO) in the Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) region. We offer a comprehensive range of clinical trial development and support services for global healthcare organizations, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in all major therapeutic areas.

With 25 years of experience in clinical trial program design, operational consulting, and recruitment, we provide our clients the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to overcome key challenges, including patient enrolment, site management, and plan development.

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History – A Legacy of Excellence

Portrait of Lajos Sárosi

HungaroTrial is founded by Dr. Lajos Sárosi as CRO operating in the CEE region

Romania flagSlovakia flagSerbia flag

Opens offices in Romania, Slovakia and Serbia

Poland flagBulgaria flag

Begins operations in Poland and Bulgaria

Bulgaria flag

Opens office in Bulgaria

Czech flag

Opens office in Czech Republic

Bosnia flagMacedonia flagPoland flag

Opens offices in Bosnia, North Macedonia and Poland


Opens office in Croatia


Performs first multi-country clinical trial

Ukraine flagRussia flag

Expands reach to include Ukraine and Russia

Bosnia flag

Begins operations in Bosnia

UK flag

Establishes Client Relations Office in London, UK

Macedonia flag

Begins operations in North Macedonia


US operations office opened

Management team


Lajos Sárosi, MD

CEO, Founder

Laszlo Nagy, MD

Director of Project Management

Zsombor Matijevics

Regional Operations Director – Serbia & Ex-YU Countries

Gabor Kucserka, MBA

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Raluca Axinte

Country Manager/Romania

Éva Reif, MD

Medical Director

Adrienn Dusnoki, MBA

Head of Human Resource


HungaroTrial has expanded its operations to include clinical trial services in over 20 European countries, maintaining its core focus on Central & Eastern Europe.

Our strong regional clinical project management and regulatory competence ensures the services delivered to our clients are of the highest quality. In 2023 we have opened a clinical operations office in Atlanta.

  • Budapest, Hungary
Local CEE Offices
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Komarno, Slovakia
  • Skopje, North Macedonia
  • So­fia, Bulgaria
  • Subotica, Serbia
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Warsaw, Poland
Remote Operations
  • Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Slovenia
BD Office
  • London, United Kingdom
US Operations Office
  • Atlanta, Georgia

Core Values

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Benefits Of Doing Clinical Trials In CEE

There are several important reasons to consider running your clinical trial in the CEE region, including:

Increased Productivity & Rapid Patient Recruitment

Patient enrolment figures in the CEE region are impressive, with a higher average number of patients enrolled per site (6.27) compared to competing regions:

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Additionally, the region boasts a higher number of patients enrolled per active trial site when compared to “established” markets:

chart, bar chart

Several factors contribute to these impressive and important numbers. Local investigators are typically enthusiastic about taking a hands-on approach to new trials, and patients display a high degree of confidence in Western treatments and medical philosophies. Additionally, government-driven, centralized healthcare systems help concentrate patients and ensure a high degree of administrative consistency, with regulatory bodies supporting joint participation between public and private entities in the pursuit of advancing innovative global medicine.

Superior Patient Retention, Data Quality, and FDA Audit Results

A high degree of consumer trust in the patient-physician relationships helps the CEE region boast a high patient selection rate, and subsequently, retention rate. With so many applicants signing up, physicians can select the best, most reliable patients for enrolment, increasing long-term consistency.

“Central and Eastern Europe has accounted for 50% of the Phase II and III patients from Europe (Wyeth data) with a dropout rate of less than 5% compared to 20% in Western Europe.”

Source: ACT

Improved patient retention is likely a key factor behind the region’s consistently high data quality. The CEE region has historically received fewer data queries and major findings on Sponsor audits when compared to Western European counterparts. Additionally, FDA audit results tend to be better when compared to trials conducted in the US or Western Europe, with CEE protocols granting investigators full access to source documents containing verifiable clinical data.


An illustration showing FDA inspection activity during its Bioresearch Monitoring initiative from 2008 to 2022, with the CEE region demonstrating the lowest level of case escalation.

Qualified, Motivated Investigators and Monitors

Local investigators are incentivized to deliver excellent service in several ways. First, in this region, the investigator fee represents a larger percentage of total compensation, tying compensation to performance and incentivizing attention to detail. Additionally, working with US, EU, and Asia-Pacific-based firms is considered a sign of merit, attracting capable, qualified talent looking to work with world-class companies.

A strong affiliation with academic and industrial training programs also works to your benefit, attracting a wide talent pool that includes qualified physicians capable of serving as CRAs or project managers. When compared to Western Europe, more practitioners are employed by teaching hospitals and university clinics, further widening your prospective talent pool. Finally, but importantly, investigators are experienced in using EDC systems for clinical trials, communicating efficiently with English-language helpdesks, and reducing the overall support burden required to align and work with CRAs.

Remarkable Cost Savings

The investigation and monitoring fees associated with conducting a clinical trial in Eastern Europe are appreciably lower than those encountered in Western Europe and the US. Monitoring costs are typically 60-70% of US costs, with investigator and hospital fees remaining well below the 70% in a vast majority of projects. Because of the centralized operational and administrative structures employed by the region, additional, out-of-pocket costs – such as travel, accommodations, and postage – are also significantly lower.

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