We are happy to announce the successful accomplishment of a Phase2 Infectology study

In December 2016, HungaroTrial successfully completed a Phase II Infectology study in the CEE region for a US-based Sponsor.
HungaroTrial managed to set up 68 trial sites in Poland, Hungary, Romania , Serbia and Bulgaria and enrolled  420 patients within 9 month. During this time the Sponsor’s sites enrolled 10 patients in the USA and 3 patients in Canada. We are proud that due to the hard work of our team all interim timelines were met, and a  successful data base lock was performed within 1 month from last patient last visit.
Our dedicated team work was appreciated with the following sentences of  the Sponsor:
„I wanted to let you know that as of right now, all queries globally have been closed and SDV is complete.  Thank you so much for your hard work and assistance; it is truly appreciated.  Your team and the CRAs are the “A” team and it is wonderful to work with you all. “