Quality policy

HungaroTrial strives to be a primer and trusted regional Contract Research Organization in Central and Eastern Europe by securing high quality, efficient and reliable services to Sponsors and global CROs in clinical and medical device trials throughout clinical development and post-authorization phase.

We are driven by ultimate commitment to

  • Compliance

To HungaroTrial, quality in trials primarily means compliance with rules ensuring rights, safety and well-being of trial subjects, and the reliability and credibility of data.

We monitor current state and trends in bio-medical research ethics, science underpinning clinical research, regulatory requirements and guidelines, and industry trends. We respond to requirements transforming the information into active knowledge and skills of personnel, and standard operating procedures for assuring compliance and proficiency. Compliance is comprehensively evaluated, assessed for possible causes and efficiently acted upon.

  • Clients

Our Clients wish from us to contribute to ethical, scientifically sound, credible, effective and accelerated clinical research for the benefit of patients and society who are in permanent need for access to drugs and medical devices that can save life; prevent, diagnose of treat disease, or improve the quality of life.

In turn to their confidence we offer clear understanding of their trial specific requirements, our availability, responsiveness and efficiency, accountability for execution of contract obligations, demonstration of compliance, our performance, problem solving and overachievement.

  • Knowledge

We know that value comes from knowledge. HungaroTrial seeks for highly qualified professionals and talented people; invests in learning and training; creates knowledge repositories; promotes exchange and evaluation of experience.

HungaroTrial creates value from knowledge by:

– Empowering people, increasing their ability to learn, improving their skills and performance;
– Improving operations and processes;
– Applying technology and IT systems.

  • Team work and communication

Organizational structure, defined roles and responsibilities, process ownership, clarity and clear communication and reporting lines are elementary for assuring, efficient and reliable relationship.

HungaroTrial moves beyond with openness, transparency, appreciation, recognition and involvement of all interested parties.

HungaroTrial understands that team work and communication is the source of motivation and satisfaction, and that it is the framework for accomplishment and success; organizational improvement; integration and alignment, and for mutual benefit and respect.

  • Improvement

To HungaroTrial continuous improvement is a conscious and systematic effort within the frames of it’s quality management system that should result in prevention of risks, taking advantages from opportunities, increased effectiveness and efficiency of processes and procedures, minimization of errors and their recurrence, exceeding clients expectations, organizational development, and maximization of the suitability and adequacy of HungaroTrial services.