HungaroTrial's advantage

We Overachieve in Patient Enrollment – Guaranteed!
HungaroTrial is the only CRO in CEE offering a Written Enrollment Guarantee.
We are so confident in our ability to recruit patients on time, that we link our performance to our fee schedule. 

We Overachieve on Study Startup Deadlines
Our  deep knowledge of the local people, culture and regulatory environments in each market smooth the way to study startup.
But We never over-reach your budget. One thing we are most proud of – our 100% track record of completing studies within budget.

We operate the Strongest Medical Team in CEE
HungaroTrial has 12 MDs on board with a wide range of clinical experience. We are able to compare your trial therapy with the local standard of care very quickly and professionally, and can give you immediate feed back about the feasibility of your program in our region.
Our staff is very connected in the regional medical community, and can lead you to the most respected KOL’s and best clinical investigators.

Need more proof? In the last 18 years:

  • 100% of our studies met or exceeded their recruitment objectives
  • 36% of our studies have over-enrolled… often saving the study!
  • 87% of our studies enrolled on time and the study completed on time
  • 100 % of projects completed within the budget
  • Staff turnover is less than 4% on average

Case Study

HungaroTrial saved the BfArM registration of Rowatinex. Rowatinex is a terpene combination product used in the indication of urolithiasis. The product was registered and marketed in the 1960s, when proof of safety and efficacy by controlled and monitored clinical trials was not as strong a requirement as it is nowadays. Therefore Germany's Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (BfArM) requested the producer to prove the efficacy and safety of the product. Rowa Wagner GmbH selected HungaroTrial to perform a placebo-controlled double blind clinical trial at six trial sites in Hungary. The project was well managed and clear, providing reliable and timely data on 222 patients. The data analysis clearly indicated that patients in the active (terpene) treatment group reached stone-free status significantly sooner than those in the placebo group. Because of the very demonstrative data, BfArM accepted the trial as proof of the product’s efficacy and renewed its marketing authorization in Germany.

The results of the study were published in European Urology Supplements in December 2010.


Our company has been cooperating with HungaroTrial since 2001. In this period HungaroTrial was involved in the monitoring and co-ordination of two Phase III. clinical trials in Hungary, Romania and Croatia.

HungaroTrial’s highly qualified staff is experienced, dedicated and professional individuals. We have never experienced any problems concerning the meeting of studies deadlines, as HungaroTrial has responded very quickly and efficiently to any requests made.

HungaroTrial has proven the ability to simultaneously manage clinical trials in three different countries.

We considered HungaroTrial as a reliable, long term partner in the clinical research activities performed by our organization.

Monitoring Resource Manager, Global Research Organization (2005)

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